Ride over to Beccles

Another Saturday ride out from Cambridge took me to Beccles, well very nearly to Beccles. I was aiming for the coast, again, but time and the body set a slightly closer destination. This is such a good model-a train ride from round the corner Liverpool Street up to Cambridge and then so soon on the bike I find myself in beautiful countryside. On the map I found an interesting corner of the Norfolk coast just up from Great Yarmouth and set my sights there. I took some of my favourite roads, through the Swaffhams, Mildenhall then the A11 briefly, the A1066 to oddly named Diss and the A 143. None of them would get awards but all of them fun, and relaxing to ride certainly compared to the London roads, with opportunities for overtaking. The weather was cool – around 15 degrees and often overcast but dry-ish. After two years of owning my BMW Nav V GPS I finally worked out how to tell it to show me the information that I want to see – all on one screen: my speed, the temperature, the fuel range and what direction I am pointing in. Amazing. I wonder what else I am missing out on.

Near Beccles, hunger, impending rain and other bodily requirements saw me parking up, next to an impressive array of other bikes at Macdonalds Beccles where I was revived by a cup of tea (milk delivered from four tubular sachets, and chicken nuggets ‘do you want four, eight or twenty?’ and other facilities and a few words with other leather-clad rain-defying bikers. Looking just now at the track on Adze, I see I was barely a hundred yards from the interesting sounding Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Church in Gillingham (I wasn’t in Beccles at all). How sad I didn’t keep going for a minute or two longer to investigate this church. There is even somewhere to part there – though they probably don’t serve tea.

MacDonalds near Beccles
On the way back I enjoyed some spirited riding on the A 143 and a loop of getting lost in Bury St. Edmunds. Avoiding the A14. Life’s simple pleasures.
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