Kings Lynn and not Wisbech

This Saturday I headed again to the coast but again didn’t make it. The A10 north from Cambridge ends up in Kings Lynn and on the way skirts around Ely and other old towns. It can be frustrating with sometimes slow moving agriculture and few places to pass but has its nice moments. So far so good but on reaching the large roundabout outside Kings Lynn the penny dropped that on a sunny bank holiday everyone would be heading for the coast. So the road up to Heacham and Snettisham was jammed with cars pulling caravans. Giving that up as a bad idea I scooped myself up onto the road toward Wisbech, not that I would want to spend a Saturday afternoon there, but the road was empty though completely full in the other direction. Via a river event in scenic Upwell and some beautiful fen roads, in a strong fen wind, I made it back to sunny Cambridge. Next time I need a slightly better plan.

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2 thoughts on “Kings Lynn and not Wisbech

  1. You should have stopped by to have a cup of tea with Sally and me, she lives just down the road from the hospital roundabout.
    We did a very pleasant ride to Barton Bendish yesterday.

  2. thanks. I was thinking of giving you a call – but the road up there was completely blocked. another time would be good – but not on a bank holiday. M

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