Motorcycle trip to the south west day 2

Tuesday 24th July

With camping planning is essential because if you have forgotten one thing, life becomes awkward. Yesterday evening I was scrabbling round for things that should have been to hand like my washing up stuff. This morning I remembered where I had packed it, a sign of not having camped for a few years. I ate my one pan chorizo and pasta dish but forgot to eat the rocket. My top box is turned into a portable fridge with a bag of ice keeping my Chablis cool, along with a few other items. This morning I find it is full of water a testament to its waterproofing. I slept really well waking just once at 4.30 when I wrapped my t shirt round my head against the early dawn and slept again till about half past eight.  This site is very quiet apart from the distant main road traffic. No children being disciplined and yelled at to go to sleep (I did it).  I chose a spot that is shadey in the morning which is lovely.. the sunlight is just creeping on to my bike.  This morning I plan to try to follow one of the Bikers Britain routes, the conveniently placed Lyme Regis loop of 140 miles. The ride here from London was only 168 so I’m not sure how long this will take. One thing is certain is that I will get lost probably sooner than I think.

Later. I’m back from a days riding. I’m still not sure what counties I have visited. But I am sure that I got lost. I am not entirely to blame as a road closure in Crewkerne at a crucial place spelled downfall for the next leg of the trip and then having got back on the route another turning seemed completely invisible. But I resisted my temptation to give up entirely because when I was on the track, I could see why these roads have made it into the best routes book, they were stunning roads, perfect for bike riding. I even found and had lunch in the first cafe (I was the only customer with a manager whose conversation to his colleague was constantly downbeat) on the route before heading back on some lovely roads, via Tesco to top up with another bag of ice. The weather is a little humid but so much cooler than back in London. It’s 21 here but my phone tells me that it’s 29 in London.