Motorcycle trip to the southwest day 5 or is it 6?


Friday night saw heavy rain. Many had been waiting for it eagerly but not campers and particularly not campers travelling by motorcycle. For the first time in my camping experience I put on wet clothes in the morning. Somehow, perhaps because of the artificial clearing made from membrane and back chips that I was camping on (as opposed to sponge-like grass) , water ran or bounced into the part of the tent used for storage – of my massive and unfoldable bike gear for example. My weather widget told me to expect showers all day followed by heavy rain all the following night and the day after that. Coupled with some pulls toward home – carpentry work my study was about to be finished and in fact I could speed it up with a particular contribution, I decided to head back to London. As it happened it was a mostly sunny ride moving east. My strange GPS took me down some single lane gravel path which it claimed was the A3 in an attempt to avoid what it described as ’42 minutes’ of delays on the A303. We took a slow route home, turning north on the M25 and coming into London on the M4, then along the north bank of the river, crossing over at Vauxhall then back through Elephant and Castle. Here’s a picture of the whole trip.

I recorded lots of video that I will edit and add later.

map of route