iPhone – more reasons to like it

The iPhone crept up on me. I ignored the first couple of versions until the recent version 3 and the Iphone 3gs coincided with my terminal frustration at my Palm Treo constantly reinstating appointments that I had deleted because they had been cancelled (leading me to make a series of pointless journeys around London). The Berlin Ubahn map, London a to z, Wifitrack, Bento, Facebook and an interactive map of Cambridge have been quite handy, and courtesy of Handbreak, I have a couple of feature films to watch, but my old favourite Mac game Myst is now available for the iPhone. I discovered this game with the whole family gathered around our newly purchased CD rom drive when the children were so small they went to bed before I did. Now this lovely game has been ported to the iPhone with all the beautiful graphics and lovely music. The interface is perfect for the fingery approach of the phone.